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Ironwood combines the talents of singer/songwriter/guitarist Bill Ring with bassist Joe Crum, harmonica wiz Don Fenton, and lead guitarist Dave Redmond to make high-energy, adult acoustic music with lyrics that are always entertaining and often funny. Now joining us on vocals is singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lora Pendleton. For an up-to-date list of future shows, go to Show announcements .  Ironwood plays a mix of originals and covers, including country, blues, and rock. New recordings are in the works. Stay tuned.

    Ironwood has appeared at The Dock and at the Haunt for Bernie Sanders; also Silver Line Tap Room, Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Oasis Dance Club, Downtown Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival, Da Westy, Cyber Cafe West, and on Ithaca's own rock radio station, WVBR-FM. For a complete list of venues played, click here.

Samples from the Ironwood CD:

It Wasn't Me
Cold Sober
Low In The Water
Arrow Of Time
King Kong

Live recordings from Tuesdays With the Band hosted by Dan Cole on WVBR-FM :
West Coast Highway        Hot_Love       My_Own_Subtle_Way

      Flatland (with Joe Hodes)

For booking contact Bill Ring     Email:       Phone: (607) 387-4074

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    Before moving to the Finger Lakes region in 2007, Bill Ring lived for five years in a renovated barn in New Paltz, NY, where he set up the recording studio in which he completed his first five CD's. The first four were remastered compilations of earlier recordings. The fifth, Still On My Mind, was recorded and mixed in the barn. The most recent Ironwood CD was recorded and mixed in his personnal studio in Trumansburg.

    "The completion of Ironwood is the end of a creative and technical Odyssey that began with buying my first guitar at age 16 and getting my first sound-mixing gig as roadie for the Elephant's Memory in 1969. I've been writing songs, performing, and engineering ever since."

    Bill began playing in New York City in 1968. His first band, Another Country, was a folk-rock group that played mostly at the appropriately named Cafe Bizarre on Third St. in Greenwich Village. After 15 years of solo performing, he joined with Sally Eaton, (of the original Broadway cast of Hair) and multi-instrumentalist Peter Pasco to form a new version of Another Country, featuring assorted acoustic instruments, three-part harmonies, and the considerable songwriting talents of all three. The acoustic edition of Another Country appeared frequently at Speakeasy and Folk City.

    He then began working with his backup band, Ironwood, which at one time or another has included many prominent New York City players, including Brahm Stuart, Bob Lepre, and numerous others. In 1991 Bill teamed with Constance Taylor to front Ironwood. They also appeared as a duo under the name Cool Dolphin. Constance now lives and performs in San Francisco. She and Bill still play together whenever they can.

    Bill Ring has been heard live and recorded on NY area radio stations, including WBAI and WQXR, and on college and community stations around the USA, including WVBR-FM in Ithaca. His songs are also available on many internet download sites, including Itunes. His six independently released CD's are available from and on Spotify, Itunes, etc. For a complete discography, click here.

    Joe Crum is Ithaca's premier jazz/Americana bassist, equally at home on electric and upright. In addition to Ironwood, he works with several jazz and Americana groups, including Cool Club and Los Finsteros.

    Don Fenton has been playing "harp" for 40 years, both amplified "Chicago" style, and with a clean country folk sound.

    Dave Redmond is a talented singer and songwriter, as well as a terrific lead guitarist. In addition to Ironwood, he performs solo and with his group Eden's Apple.

     Lora Pendleton, besides singing beautifully, is a terrific songwriter, guitarist, bass player, and more. She performs solo, and with her partner Pat Burke, and with Gabe Taveras as Powder the Moon. How she finds time to sing with Ironwood is something of a mystery, but we are very glad that she does.

For booking contact Bill Ring     Email:       Phone: (607) 387-4074
Venues played by Bill Ring and Ironwood

Americana Vineyards & Winery
Bernie Milton Pavilion
Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Café
Blue Frog Cafe
Bluergrass 2
Buttonwood Grove Winery
Cayuga Nature Center
Crooked Rooster Brewpub
Corks & More
Crooked Rooster Brewpub
Cyber Cafe West
Da Westy
The Dock (Bernie Sanders rally)
Dorothy's Music Room
Downtown Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival
Downtown Ithaca Employee Appreciation
Dryden Community Center Cafe
Eagle Hotel
Elm Tree Inn
Eve Galleria
Farm Sanctuary Walk For Farm Animals
Freeville Harvest Festival
Giving Tree Cafe (formerly ABC)
Kellish Hill Farm
The Harvest Cafe and Lounge
The Haunt (Bernie Sanders Rally)
Heebasquabee Festival
Iona Corners Tavern
Ithaca Coffee Co.
Ithaca Farmers' Market
Ithaca Festival, Cayuga St Pavilion
Jamnesty Amnesty International Benefit Concert
Lost Dog Cafe Lounge
Lot 10 (benefit)
Oasis Dance Club
Owl Cafe
Plantation Bar & Grill
Rongovian Embassy
Scale House Brewery and Pub
Six Mile Creek Vineyard
Smart Monkey Cafe
Stone Cat Cafe (Wintersquabee Festival)
T-Burg Mini Golf Family Entertainment
Tioga Trails Cafe
Veterans' Sanctuary Benefit
Waterside Wine Bar
Waterwheel Café
West End Waterfront
Rhiner Festival
Wintersquabbee Treatops Festival
WRFI Community Radio with Joey Dugan
WVBR-FM Tuesdays With the Band with Dan Cole & Nonesuch with Nick Hill


Ironwood: The latest edition of the band, featuring Joe Crum, Don Fenton, Stacy Farina, Sue Spencer, and Dave Redmond. With special guests Larry Real on dobro and Joe Hodes on lead guitar. Fifteen original songs by Bill Ring, fourteen never released before. For more information, click here.

Still On My Mind: Features drums by Bob Lepre, bass by Rusty Boris, fiddle by Brahm Stuart of Shaman, sax by Chuck Hancock, harmonies by Bibi Farber and Constance Taylor, and guitars, harmonica, and vocals by Bill Ring.

Bill Ring and Friends
: Digitally remastered cuts from early releases. Lots of acoustic instruments, including 6- and 12-string guitars, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, flute, harmonica, harmonium, percussion, and bass.

Beneath a Violet Sun: Dark and moody, beginning with a Quicksilver-esque rock number, ending with a long sound sculpture featuring rain stick and assorted small percussion instruments. Very different from other albums.

Invisible Fingers: A solo effort with guitars, harmonica, vocals, and midi programming by Bill Ring.

You Are Here: The fourth and final album compiling Bill Ring's pre-millennium private release recordings.

All CD's are available from, and as downloads from Itunes and many other online services.